Artist: Climax Golden Twins
Number of tracks: 2
Release date: October 1 2005
Format: Minicd
Total runing time: 19´32"
Listen a sample of "A Length of Stovepipe" (track 1) .rm
Download the whole song .mp3

This work, 500 copies limited, consists in two tracks, the first "A Length of Stovepipe" is a precious guitar based melody in the most pop side of the band. The second, without title, is an incursion in most pure ambient style, where the electronica is the protagonist, a disquieting atmosphere starts from the silence and is coming "in crescendo" until arriving at the pure noise. This minicd is essential for the unconditional fans and a good way to begin in the incredible and personal world of Climax Golden Twins. The cover design has been made by the fantastic Japanese painter and designer Marefumi Komura.

Ref:TEST019 See the cover .jpg