Artist: Here Are The Facts You Requested
Title: All my favourite things at once
Number of tracks: 12
Release date: July/23/2007
Format: Transparent Jewel Box
Total running time: 56´58"
Download for free "Luxury is Stupid" (Track 5) .mp3

On their third CD, All my favourite things at once, San Francisco exploratory pop group Here Are The Facts You Requested achieves a perfect balance between musical control and organic sound collage. Played instruments like cello, clarinet, and guitar jam with movie samples, keyboard effects, and 70's organ drum loops, blurring the boundary between the real and unreal.

This album was made in places between Barcelona and a rainy northern California cabin. Several songs emerged from a single night improvising with DJ Boomerang and longtime collabrator Ben Conrad on bass. Others were recorded while on tour in Spain capturing the band's live set freshly to tape. The album features many special guests from the US and Spain, including Testing Ground label-mate Pau Torres' abusing 7-inch vinyl and a classical clarinetist.

Here Are The Facts You Requested emerge from their international studio ensconcement as an electronic jam band with an uncanny ability to compose songs of bittersweet moments that quietly slip from grasp.

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